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Brian Posehn hates his only tattoo

In Journalism, Other on April 12, 2011 at 1:55 pm

Brian Posehn lost his tattoo virginity at the tender age of 41.

We talked about popping his ink cherry and other things for this piece in the Alligator. (He’s coming to Gainesville April 13!)

But he said some funny things that I wasn’t able to squeeze into the story, so here is the interview Q & A.

Brian Posehn

Brian Posehn (Photo courtesy of Generate)

Talk about the title for your latest album, Fart & Weiner Jokes.
Brian Posehn: You know it was sort of a joke. But I do indeed have a lot of fart and weiner jokes. It was also kind of me making fun of myself, “Lower your expectations, it’s time for the  fart and weenier jokes.” I like to think I do more. It’s just a little self-deprecating jab at myself.

The fact that I’m on a heavy metal label [Relapse Records], I wanted the cover to reflect and have it look like an old-time label album but then with this big goofy joke.

And then having it on radio and making the deejays say Fart and Weiner jokes was a lot of fun for me.

What’s the difference between playing a comedy club and a rock venue?
BP: Nobody goes to a rock club to see comedy by mistake. Even though I’m pretty established, when I play comedy clubs, I still have people who don’t know what they’re in for.

Sometimes I’ll be in Dallas, and there will a 60-year-old conservative lady with her arms crossed saying to her husband, “Is this guy going to talk about fart jokes and his penis the whole time?”

Rock venues are more suited for younger fans. People who don’t want to have to pay a lot. It’s a cheaper night out.

Do you think your jokes are universal or pretty specialized to an audience?
BP: Definitely not [specialized to one audience]. But those people are going to like it on another level. I purposely don’t just dwell on heavy metal. There’s the Slayer joke.

But I feel like I hold people’s hands. Because I don’t want to lose anybody. But on the other hand, you will appreciate it another layer if you do like metal. I think I walk people totally through it.

Can you describe to me a fan who you have seen or met who you never in a million years would have thought would be a fan of yours?

BP: There are people that hit that age range [60s] and love the dirty stuff. Every once in a a while, I’ll look out and see an older woman when I look out there. And then I watch her a couple minutes later, and she is laughing harder than anyone out there.

And the strange thing is the multi-generation thing. Somebody your age [20s] comes out and their parents like it too. I’m like, “I hope that was comfortable listening to that together.”

Do you play metal on a regular basis?

BP: I was right before you called me. Pretty much every day. I listen to other stuff. I’m not just a metal guy. But I’ve always just been obsessed with music. I listen to it morning and night and always in my car.

Occasionally I deviate form the metal. All the stuff I grew up on I like. Rap. Rock. But I’m more of a metal head than anything.

I’ve never played an instrument. I tried and it just didn’t happen.

But I’ve loved [music] since grammar school. Kiss at 9 years old and then AC/DC and Van Halen and then just went heavier and heavier.

My last day job was working at a record store. I wanted to be a metal journalist and then dropped out of journalism. But I have had a lot of writing jobs.

What’s your favorite part about playing a college town?

BP: The kids. I mean, I feel like I do better in those places. There are smart kids, and even though I’m 20 years older than them, I feel like I still have the same interests. Anybody who likes to have a beer and play video games I have a lot in common with.

What do you do about people who are “more metal than you”?

BP: That’s where the song came from. It was me commenting on a thing that I’ve noticed since I was young. Being into Metallica before anyone who was into Metallica and there was a friend of mine in my neighborhood. And you’re already calling me a sellout?

I feel like I sit in the dark [because there are comparatively few huge metal fans] and with some guys you have this instant bond and then some guys just try to test you. Anyone who has spent half of their life listening to metal.

The funny thing is people will listen to that song and not get it. They’ll say, “That song is not even metal.” I’m just like, “Oh god, you don’t even get it.”

You been compared to Snuffalupagus. How accurate do you feel that is?

BP: I love that. That’s the thing I talk about in my act. Maybe not on this record. I have, you know, compared myself to a Muppet. I do the voice. I know when I do the angry voice it sounds like a lot of Jim Henson voices.

When I was younger I kind of compared myself to Eeyore.

My wife would laugh if she heard you say that I am like Snuffalupagus. That is a big part of my persona where it’s just you know lovable and kind of beaten down.

Do you have any tattoos?

BP: A horrible one. I waited till I was 41 to get my first tattoo, I think. It was total peer pressure and being completely hammered with a bunch of my friends. We all got the same thing and now I have this horrible thing on my middle finger. I wear a ring because I hate it so much.

I went home to wife and said, “Honey, I did something stupid?” And she’s all, “Did you sleep with a stripper?” “No, I got a tattoo.” “Oh, good.”

It’s 666, the sign of the devil. It’s so stupid! It’s sort of a reference to the kid in The Omen and Iron Maiden. I hang with out a bunch of idiots so it was someone else’s idea. They are all covered in tattoos so it didn’t matter to them. But I had my virgin skin.

I drive by a laser removal place every day and think about getting it removed.


Surfer Blood: Back in Florida

In Journalism, Music on September 18, 2010 at 9:11 pm

You can tell a lot about a band by its MySpace profile. Go to the page for the indie rock band Surfer Blood and all you’ll get is a white background with the “Sounds Like” section featuring timeless videos like “cat eating sour apple lollypop” and “Cat says NOM NOM NOM while eating sour cream.”

Surfer Blood--Photo by: JUCO

I asked Thomas Fekete, 22, guitarist for Surfer Blood, to explain.

“Basically our label really pimped our MySpace out and put up kind of a cheesy background and just, like, all these weird links to MTV,” Fekete said. “One day we just went on our MySpace and we were like, ‘Whoahhhh, what the fuck is this?’ so we just took it all down and put those cat videos up. “

It’s this boyish sense of humor that has helped the alt-pop band stay grounded through the media whirlwind surrounding their lauded single “Swim.”

Sound-wise, Fekete said comparisons to Weezer, Pavement and Sonic Youth are flattering and pretty accurate as they are definitely huge influences. Heavy emphasis on guitar and singable, noisepop choruses make Surfer Blood’s album “Astro Coast” perfect for road trips. And thankfully, they avoid corny, Beach-Boys-esque lyrics about the ocean and its visitors.

The West Palm musicians had been playing together for only about six months when things really started to get big. That’s when their reverb-heavy summer anthem “Swim” made it to number 37 on “The Top 100 Tracks of 2009” created by the highly influential music Web site Pitchfork, landing them in the company of Jay-Z, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Lady Gaga.

It’s a teenager’s wet dream. The band went from playing to small crowds of friends in West Palm to the festival circuit where up to 9,000 people were in the crowd. What Fekete describes as “a crazy year” is an understatement, filled with intense moments both good and bad.

One of the good ones happened at the BBC studio in London. Head down, sound checking before a radio program, Fekete looks up to find none other than Jason Schwartzman, who ends up being a huge fan of their record.

“We couldn’t believe it,” Fekete said. “And then he actually went on air for an interview and told the interviewer he was star struck when he saw us. It was pretty cool.”

It’s probably easy to have a good time at any venue when you’re in a band that’s blowing up, but Fekete is eager to play in Gainesville and enjoy our delicious vegan eats.

“Reggae Shack is my favorite place ever,” Fekete said. “I get the jerk tofu. It’s the most insanely spicy thing I’ve ever had. So good though.”

Surfer Blood will be playing at Common Grounds Monday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. Entry is $12.

[Official story for the Alligator]