Watch out for that Alabama Mudroll!

In Other on March 7, 2011 at 10:32 pm

In lieu of a post that talks about my late onset, life-threatening senioritis and how much I don’t want to do college anymore, I figure a post inspired by an animated children’s movie would be a little more fun.

Because I am one of those cool kids who hangs out with her mom over spring break instead of heading to Puerto Rico, Cancun or Miami, I had the opportunity to see Rango this weekend.

Me during Spring Break.

My mom and I share a common love for animated movies and generally catch the big ones in theaters. (Toy Story 3: mother/daughter public cryfest anyone?)

Unlike most animated features, Rango wasn’t a cutefest.

The desert animals are a crusty bunch and one-for-one have patches of exposed, lifelike, boogery looking skin.

One of the nuggets of joy which I gleaned from Rango occurred during the big Western live action scene during which a group of moles/jack rabbits ride bats mounted with guns after Rango’s gang which has taken control of a wagon being towed at precariously high speeds by a groundhog.

Anyway, the fur and feathers are flying and the animals start slinging insults, which are obviously PG. At one point they need to come up with dangerous-sounding threats, which is when things get exciting.

The formula they use for coming up with these epithets is pure genius.

You add (1) name of a Southern state + (1-2) sort of funny, casual English noun.

And then you get this kind of awesome.

Watch out for that Louisiana Sidewinder!

Comin’ at ya with a Mississippi Curveball!

I’ve got your Kentucky Hotsauce right here!


Others that I’d like to try out include:

South Carolina Speedwagon

Florida Frogslinger

West Virginia Highlighter

Tampa Sea Biscuit

Atlanta Hang Low

Texas Backbiter

Atlanta Overpass

Please feel free to contribute. Hopefully someone out there has a thing for a G-rated filth just like me!


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