Valentime’s Nostalgia

In Nostalgia on February 15, 2011 at 3:26 am

Despite the red and pink stands of chocolate and plush, or whatever the color of the season, it’s easy for me to completely ignore any holiday until it is upon me, breathing down my neck. But this wasn’t always the case.

Before jobs and calendars, holidays were the signposts of life. We didn’t have calendars. We had “three weeks until St. Patty’s Day” and “five days until Independence Day.”

Now that I don’t have daily announcements from Mrs. Gerba to remind me, the wave of nostalgia for round tables, plastic chairs and glue sticks hits me like a train every (insert holiday here).

Today, I missed the paper plate valentine greeting card holders. You know, where you staple half of a paper plate to a whole paper plate to create a pocket?

Super pimped valentine holder.

I missed the gobs of frosted brownies and those sugary red chunk sprinkles and the tri-color regular-but-seaonal sprinkles.

I missed those themed 24-pack Valentine greetings. The ones that we obsessed over in the Jamesway (Google it kids) because we didn’t want to be too girly but didn’t want to be too G.I. Joe. Then we obsessed over which message to assign to each kid. (Some socialists required that everybody receive a greeting from everyone.) In any case, we would then obsess over who deserved a “Have a Happy Valentine’s Day” and who would receive the coveted “You’re Awesome.” Through junior high, I refused to purchase anything as telling as “Be Mine.” Though I do recall etching a microscopic heart on the back corner of a specifically directed Scooby Doo card.

And the butterflies! I wonder how many kids weren’t actually allergic to frosting and just had the puke juiced out of them by Valentine’s Day anxiety attacks.

The more competitive among us would count our greetings and compare numbers. A foreshadowing of the adult male game perhaps? Or the reverse of the adult female game?

It’s easy to say I miss those days. But noshing on the nostalgia is much sweeter. Though I totally wore a red plastic heart ring I got off the top of a pink cupcake today.


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