Bag drinks and Dr. Fish

In Asia, Travel on July 16, 2010 at 1:24 pm

I thought it was a cute idea to give a Day One, Day Two sequence to my Asia posts, but because of jetlag and the insane schedules here, that’s not going to happen.

An avalanche of activities began almost immediately, beginning with Korean BBQ followed quickly with bag drinks. These are zip lock baggies of typical drinks such as a “Sex on the Beach” or “Screwdriver.”

At face value, they seem playful and cute. But they have a darker side. Oh yes. The alcohol content is rather anonymous. Let me assure you that one drink is much, much more.

Saturday found us downtown in the shopping district at…The Coffee Bean? Yes. Many familiar chains make the transition a bit more comfortable. Maybe some demand things a bit more “authentic” and want to be dropped off in a Vietnamese jungle. That’s not me and South Korea is wonderfully supermodern.

The designer pasta is also a fun spin on your traditional menu.

American Brunch at Helvetica. They were all ready with the ketchup.

Then Dr. Fish! Purchase a peppermint tea and let the little fishies do a number on your piddies. The sensation of live creatures gnawing on your flesh can be disconcerting, but it does feel like they are getting something done. After awhile it starts to feel like your feet are falling asleep, which made me want to take a little break.

Note on fashion: these people know what they are doing. There isn’t really such a thing as “sport casual.” You will not see gymwear. You will see many, many heels.

Also, the boob thing is not as much of an issue as I thought. The Victoria Secret push-up extravaganza would probably be a bit much but some low neckline and a tube top here and there are definitely common.


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