A day to Asia

In Asia, Journalism, Travel on July 9, 2010 at 4:45 am

Day One

I could have spent one more day in Jersey. But worries of airport traffic chased my to my friends apartment in Brooklyn, where I felt much more comfortable about my wake-up time and proximity to JFK.

Park Slope, pizza, ice cream and Prospect Park all were wonderful.

Though I pretended I did a good job packing, the weather gods knew this was denial and decided I would face reality better if they made it 100 degrees in New York.

I dragged my 100 pounds of luggage for about half a block toward the subway before I broke out in a full body swamp sweat and flagged down a taxi. Totally worth it.

Cursing from other cabs made me smile on my way out of the city for its passion and authenticity. My cab driver, however, gave a garbage man directions and had him follow us all the way to the highway. Who says New Yorkers aren’t nice?

I was told to watch movies to pass the time on my 14-hour flight. Unfortunately, “Invictus” annoyed me and dragged. “Dear John” was even worse, but I felt compelled to try to distract myself from counting the hours. I refused to subject myself to The Rock and whatever it was he was doing. And then I cried during “The Time Traveler’s Wife.”

They kept me supplied with food (two meals and a snack), to which I credit my survival.

The view over the Rockies was amazing.

Overall, it was quite painless, and my layover in Narita was smooth as butta.

They gave me two hand rolls on the flight from Tokyo to Busan. I did it wrong. I didn’t wrap the seaweed around it. I knew I was supposed, and I usually do, but I was too tired. I was even too tired to use the cute little plastic vial of soy sauce.

The bus to Daegu was full so a sweet lady offered me a perch on her armrest. This worked for about 30 minutes before my butt fell asleep and I was forced to stand.

The other neat thing is by this time it was 9 a.m. in the morning my time. I had slept for about three hours during my travels up to this point.

With this little sleep, I often get waking dreams as I start to doze. I started thinking I could understand Korean and the girls down the aisle were gossiping about a friend who was overly obsessed with a boy band called Quattro. I then started looking for subtitles to verify my hypothesis.

This train evolved from some musings about the Schick Quattro razor, which is a testament to the power of advertising because a) I don’t use that brand and b) I had recently shaved my legs and shouldn’t have been worrying about personal grooming.

Then I started dreaming I was part of a production meeting to discuss a new film starring Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox called “Re-Back to the Future.”

I tried to stay awake from this point forward because I feared for my sanity.

Finally the bus arrived and a long line of taxis greeted my. My suitcase almost broke my driver’s back but he was super nice despite my clear lack of Korean skills.

I had written down some key phrases in the notes section of my BlackBerry but the little bastard turned itself on en route and ran out of battery. Also, it looked to be roaming despite a call to Verizon to have all services shut down. I will go ballistic if there are charges for this.

The taxi took me to the Grand Hotel and a short walk took me to home base.

  1. When did you get red Toms??? Also, great post 😉

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