Eating my way around Savannah, Georgia

In Journalism, Travel on May 24, 2010 at 5:19 am

When I saw the brick, I knew I had made it to Savannah.

The Louisville Road exit spit me almost directly onto Broward and through an ancient, four-barrel bridge.

Right where I needed to be. And right where you’ll need to be also if you are staying at the Thunderbird Inn (611 W. Oglethorpe Ave; 912-232-2661;

Though “classy” isn’t the most appropriate adjective, if kitsch is your thing, the Thunderbird is where it’s at.

From its glaring yellow and red tile that is somehow still welcoming to its message board, currently featuring the words “All we need is love and a moon pie,” it looks fun. And upon further research, their web site is amazing.

The First Supper
Because T-rex Mex was full for Cinco de Mayo, we headed to B&D Burgers (13 E. Broughton St.; 912-231-0986), for some, what else, burgers. Average American fare complete with sweet potato fries and good service.

The First Lunch
Round two at T-rex Mex (217 W. Broughton St.; 912-232-3466) proved more successful. Descending into the cave-like bar and restaurant, we took our pick of the tables in front of their huge shadow boxes of skeletally painted masks. More evocative of voodoo than Mexican, but hey.

Try the chicken quesadilla on a spinach and basil tortilla. It’s not the most authentic. In fact it tastes like what I think could be called the “Italian Quesadilla” on a menu, but coming from New Jersey, to me it’s comforting. I also got a braised beef burrito, which could be dubbed “Southern Burrito” and would do better with more salsa and sour cream.

Overall, the food was only adequate, but the underground atmosphere is perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day.

Afterward, make your way to River Street and relax at the, what else, Savannah River. If seafood is more your pace, there are some great old places nestled among the cobblestones.

Watching boats is also a great digestion aid.

As is the raw honey sampling available at the Savannah Bee Company(104 W. Broughton St.; 912-233-7873; Featuring a highbrow stroll through five different flavors, it’s still old-fashioned, sticky fun. With a gallery aesthetic and wine bottle-esque packaging, a purchase this size will probably be reserved for die-hard honey fans or those still needing a gift for Mother’s Day.

Snack Time
Later, the Gryphon Tea Room (337 Bull St.; 912-525-5880) provides eye candy and refreshment for the perspiring walker.

Elevated bay windows look onto Charlton and Bull Streets where bright orange seats add a pop of modern color to the classic tile and stained glass ambiance topped with a glowing beast of a chandelier.

Though badgered by high-strung management, the freshly pressed waitstaff add to the aesthetic.

My iced mochaccino was less that impressive, but clearly I should have taken the eponymous hint and ordered tea.


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