Innocent bystander of war

In Spring 010 on April 7, 2010 at 4:56 pm

Masses of students bearing banadas on their biceps and foam suckers in their Nerf guns crawled over the lawn toward Weimer Hall.

They obsessively panned their vision, sweeping left and right with every step.

Suddenly, one broke from the group and jogged toward the brick safety zone.

“Thanks guys!” he shouted to his escorts.

They shouted their goodbyes as they slunk backward toward the Reitz Union.

I smiled from my vantage point in the grass, amused at their faux war.

Zombies vs. Humans is in full swing at UF.

The editors at the Alligator made their distaste for these nerdy gamers clear in a recent editorial.

While there definitely may be a few sporting gamer-geek chic, the crowd seems more diverse than they let on, instead sharing a certain sense of humor. “Hey, your inner child is showing!”

It’s only a few weeks to finals, and I applaud those who can split their seriousness between study and defending themselves from being targeted by stalkers bent on imminent death. And with balled up socks no less.

The lone human clinging to his safety gun while he limps around in a leg cast is one of the cute-like-a-three-legged-puppy sort of examples that I really enjoy. A zombie (note the bandana on the head, not the arm) even gave him quarter in acknowledgment of his pathetic odds.

The khaki-trousered, tucked-in-shirted student who calmly and cautiously proceeded behind a group of bushes upon spotting three zombies in the distance chose the underground entrance to the Reitz–and survived.

So don’t underestimate the social good you do through simple amusement. You crazy kids you!


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