The joys of sports broadcasting

In Other on April 4, 2010 at 7:07 pm

I cannot watch sports on TV and pretend that I’m paying attention to the game.

Constantly distracted by commercials and the ridiculous sports commentary that provides endless humor via sexual innuendo (“drive it up the middle hard”), I am only occasionally engaged by a slow-motion replay or spandex (go football season).

Recently, I’ve been more exposed to those of the athletic persuasion as the sports writers and night editors watch on the big screen while I’m working at the Gainesville Sun.

Last night, I caught glimpses of the Duke v. WVU game.

Normally I try to understand what’s happening for maybe an eighth of a second.

This time it totally looked like some big men were going to make out.

I found out later, the couple locked in embrace was WVU player Da’Sean Butler and his coach, Bob Huggins (yessss).

Butler was kind of having a panic attack because he thought he tore his ACL. It turned out to be only a sprain.

Caught up in the drama of the moment, however, we thought Huggins was taking in Butler’s last words mouth-to-mouth.

I especially liked that the camera showed a close-up of three women in deep consternation in the stands, covering their mouths with manicured hands to express their shock.

Well, two of them were. The third one had no idea what was happening, and was gazing around for some sort of cue. Looking to her companions for support, she immediately covered her mouth in what is obviously the only appropriate gesture to display empathy and compassion from a position of complete helplessness.

For a possibly more clear analysis of the game, try (Cheers Robbie!)

Robbie actually told me that Da’Sean did end up tearing his ACL, which totally sucks. As an outsider, the quasi-make-out was amusing, but when I was properly educated in the seriousness in the matter, I do feel bad at what a major injury it ended up being.

This does not make the silly people in the audience any less funny.

  1. You kid, but the Huggie Bear-Butler embrace was one of those chill-inducing, ok-to-get-a-little-musty-as-long-as-none-of-your-guy-friends-see-it sports moments that made an otherwise crappy game totally worth it. Plus, given their West Virginia ties, the two are actually second cousins, which makes the man-hug a little more palatable… FYI, Da’Sean was having a panic attack because he’s a senior – final collegiate game torn ACL or not.

    And nobody says, “Drive it up the middle hard.” You’re probably thinking of “penetrate to the hole,” which was a favorite phrase for both analysts Billy Packer (yessss) and Dick Vitale (yessss).

    I hope my mom doesn’t see this.


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    • Yessss. Your commentary is always most appreciated. Please note I have made the SC link active. Fact error: La-a is from Texts from Last Night, which I do not frequent while at work. Cheers!

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