Spring fever sets in, interferes with academics

In Spring 010 on April 1, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Yes, it’s that time of year. Bunnies and co-eds alike find themselves lost in a cloud of twitterpation. The sun comes out and the layers go away.

But it’s not so much that I’m excited about spring. I’m just done with this semester. Not factually. That will happen in about four weeks. But mentally.

My writing is just “okay.” In the interest of self-promotion and -preservation, I won’t use the words lackluster or flavorless, but things could definitely use some more juice.

But it’ all downhill from here, with several speed bumps:

No. 1: Factfinding project. It’s due in a 1″ binder, so yeah.
No. 2: Approximately 20 more pages of lit assignments due. I’m running out of literary babble. They teach you brevity in the j-school, not in the English department. This is a conflict.
No. 3: Ag and Enviro field trips and tests. Test 1 average was a 94. Test 2 average was a 72. The trend must not go on.
No. 4: The Reporting assignments drag on. I used a generality in my lede again this week. She doesn’t like those.
No. 5: Multimedia video editing. Oy the time consumption.
No. 6: French final. But we have a lot of “reading” time, so this is the least of my worries.

While I care about quality, the temptation is on to just let off the brake and careen into each of the aforementioned protuberances.

And yesterday, I bought a plane ticket to Asia. Baby needs to get out of the country and itch this travel bug before she packs up and drops out of college again.


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