Juggling Act: Multimedia and Reporting

In Spring 010 on February 6, 2010 at 12:50 am

Finished editing my first-ever audio project Monday. It probably should have taken about an hour, but it ended up taking three as I fumbled my way through the learning curve. But I’m happy with the result:

Claire’s Jewish Adventures

It was easy and simple because we were allowed to talk to our roommates and friends. This week is a little more exciting because it entails reporting which means interacting with strangers.

It’s is fun for me, or I wouldn’t be a journalism student, however, this is definitely where the juggling comes in.

I interviewed a UF researcher this week about breastfeeding and plastic surgery (how can you not catch people’s attention with a boob story?). But that’s not really a prime setting for audio. Ambient office noise is not exciting.

So I thought I would do an angle on the Toyota story, but I was unable to get a call back from the local dealership. Luckily, I took to heart some journalistic advice from one of Foley’s interviews that mentioned making it a habit to talk to three strangers a day. One happened to own a Toyota.

She commented for both of my stories, and we took some audio clips of her Solara making all of the car noises it could. But then I realized setting up a situation is not journalistic, though I did get some nice sound bites of the car horn in action. Oof. Waiting to hear back from McAdams with a yay or nay.

I do have some backups: an interview with a sushi chef (natural sound a plenty in the kitchen).

Moral of the story: mental multitasking is huge. Always have a backup.


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