Check and Double-Check

In Spring 010 on January 27, 2010 at 5:20 pm

So I got an 84 on my first Factfinding assignment. The average was a 92.

Eight points were lost because I apparently can’t see in straight lines and copied the wrong statistics from the wrong year. The link was right, however. Because this is really an error of my own impatience, I don’t have any grounds for bitching to Garcia for some extra points, who hasn’t really warmed up to me yet (and may never).

This will be my biggest Factfinding challenge: due diligence. Or more simply, reading what is actually on the page.

I have a habit of skimming. I find this to be a useful habit in general, especially when it comes to the liberal arts and more abstract concepts. Not so useful during data gathering and recording.

Here’s to double-checking. Bleck.


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