In Spring 010 on January 23, 2010 at 3:31 pm


Last semester, despite taking 15 credits, I had too much time on my hands.

But because I am taking the infamous Reporting 3101 this semester, I was advised to stick to 12 credits.

Last spring I took 18 credits, worked two jobs and loved it. I wanted the full load again. I wasn’t going to become suicidal and find two jobs, but I could handle full-time studies.

I thought I signed up for 15 credits. It was 18. Oops. But fine.


Until the Factfinding assignment. My slow internet connection, unfamiliarity with Lexis-Nexis and a short temper made my roommate fear for my computer’s life.

A few hours, an online chat with the professor and class and several failed searches later, I was still angry and unsure about my research assignment.

TG for office hours which did resolve many of my major issues. I had been trying to search my old way which involves Googling long phrases and relying on Wikipedia for basic information or at least hints about future search terms.

One can get hints from Wikipedia, but there are much faster ways of getting official information. This is the point of the class, but, stubborn as always, I’ll be dragged kicking and screaming all of the way to those .gov portals and databases.

As Prof. Garcia reminded me, KEEP IT SIMPLE. And don’t pick stupid search times. For example, “Texas” and “$50 million” can be written less ways that “dorm” which could also be described as a living facility, a residence hall, a dormitory, first-year housing, etc.


Then off to research a Reporting story. Two hours of research and brainstorming later revealed that my story had already been covered by the local paper. Dead end.

Combing local event announcements has pointed me in the direction of the Harn Art Museum where they will be holding a Creativity in the Arts and Sciences event .

Since I volunteered at the Harn, and I have not received my grades back from my first story, sticking within my comfort zone sounds as cozy as fresh cinnamon buns.


And as Prof. Foley reminded us all, now is not the time to panic. If the first few weeks don’t suck, you are an anomaly. Apparently the appropriate time to panic is after spring break.


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