“New Fame for the Everday Donor”

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Some say it’s all just too big. The problems I mean.

Today, in an applied anthropology class, this sentiment was echoed by many around the room after viewing The Story of Stuff.

It may be hard for those in our instant-gratification techno culture to understand that change isn’t instantaneous. It can happen faster than most people know, but when it does, this requires work.

“But, dude, can’t I just click a button for this?”

The answer now is resoundingly yes. And the small donations are what non-profits are after.

“From leaving a can of soup on the doorstep for collection by a local charity to logging on to the Internet and making a mini- or micro-gift, the small givers are drawing attentino for their good works and their willingness to keep giving in a tough economy,” writes Stephanie Strom for the New York Times.

(I’m also pretty into the whole Giving Section, which I just found out is an annual thing. Rad!)


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