“Sleeping Gag”

In Other on November 30, 2009 at 4:53 am

If you do not know what a Tauntaun is, you’re missing out.

I had seen one in The Empire Strikes Back, but of course I didn’t know it by name. Recently, Chuck Klosterman referened the Tauntaun, and I turned to a friend for help. Though he only responded with noise “rearwarrrrarghh,” the light bulb went off instantly. This word has fallen into almost daily use amongst us and was quite overused during a heated debate on the creature’s taxonomic class.

So when the Tauntaun sleeping bag was released by ThinkGeek, things were all aflutter in our house.

But we weren’t the only ones. The response was actually so significant, this product was featured in today’s NYT magazine, which is just phenomenal.

A mass media reflection of an animal that can not only save your life but can also make you laugh.


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