Yeah, he’s dead, but he really helped the cause for bike safety

In Uncategorized on November 16, 2009 at 4:21 am

I’m not overly sympathetic about people who take their life into their own hands, but the article, “Death highlights bicycle safety,” was callous.

A car struck a homeless man while riding his bicycle. The man died later that night.

He had been wearing dark clothing and riding in the center lane without lights.

Though the driver was not at fault, a person lost his life.

Instead of having some respect for an unfortunate situation, this man’s death was used to illustrate the irresponsibility of “scofflaws.”

The kicker quote of the article is about bicycle lights:

“I told people the flashing lights get your attention. The more the merrier – put three or four lights on.”

The more the merrier?

Had this person been a UF student, there is no way that such flippancy for human life would be tolerated.

The rider was at fault. Bike safety is important. But complete disregard for this man because he was homeless is totally inappropriate.


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