“The Mismeasure of Women”

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2009 at 3:29 am

At first I was going to criticize this article because one section began with “the conversation online about women…degenerated from silly and snarky to just plain ugly” and ended with “If we can change the conversation about women, the numbers [positive statistics] will finally add up.”

This is annoying because a) you can’t swing a dead cat on the world wide web (and by “swing a dead cat” I mean Google anything) without stumbling upon a literate, female blogger with reflections to match and b) I feel that by “change the conversation about women,” she is asking men to stop talking about boobs.

Though I’m all for respect and a fair playing field for everyone, I think we get there by emphasizing justice, not by continually whipping out the feminist card.

Plus it’s not about primarily about getting men to change, it’s majorly about getting women to change.

But I did say this was my response at first. After taking a more in depth look, she does day “It isn’t about blaming men, or about embracing feminism.” Cool. Further advice encourages women to be more aggressive without being “afraid to be a girl.” And that makes sense to me.

Take more risks but don’t forfeit your feminity. Okay. That’s a start.


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