“Pursuing Costliest Political Career in America”

In Uncategorized on October 27, 2009 at 2:12 am

I just thought Michael Bloomberg was popular. It turns out that he has spent $250 million of his own fortune pursuing his office as mayor of New York City–more than anyone before him.

This leads me to two primary questions: 1) who would be elected if it was an even playing field and 2) what better ways could that money be employed?

There’s no way to prevent money from leaking into politics indirectly, but wouldn’t it be great if all campaigns had to start at a grassroots level? Someone with some degree of presence in the public eye would still have an edge, but I feel like maybe the unlikely choice would at least have the ability to put up more of a fight.

I don’t necessarily think that charible organizations are the most efficient so it’s possible that giving $250 million to charity would not pack as much of a punch as spending it on advertising that directly goes into the economy through channels such as printers, advertising agencies and other media outlets. But it would be an interesting experiment. And if efficiency was a criterion, we could certainly get some things done.


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