“Coming Out in Middle School”

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2009 at 1:19 am

When people hear about the phenomena of gay students coming out to their 7th grade peers, some often muse to themselves during the aftershock that “Kids are growing up so fast these days.”

However, this particular breed of grown-up does not strike me as that at all. Instead, the latest generation just seems oversexed.

There is more to being an adult and to life at any age than being sexually active. Work, family, health, art, travel, hobbies, volunteerism, etc. together consume more time than sex for most people, though generally are not considering as titillating as the highs and lows of hormones and emotion.

Additionally, there are also the adult repercussions of sex: children and STDs. I’ve observed teenage girls who may not think twice about sucking a boy off or consenting to intercourse, but are somehow too nervous in adult situations to take themselves to the pharmacy or clinic for the morning after pill. Also, how many of these kids have the balls to ask their parents to pay for STD testing, which runs in the hundreds of dollars.

Adolescence is confusing enough without overemphasizing a subject that teens think about constantly. Sweating out some of their raging hormones by playing sports or focusing on an artistic passion can be a much safer bet for a positive adolescence than experimenting sexually, whether gay or straight. Supportive communities should be encouraged for people of all preferences, but these groups should not overshadow academic and extracurricular interests. The emphasis should be placed on learning valid skills to help them through life’s milestones, whether sexual or otherwise.


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