“Boycotts Minus the Pain”

In Uncategorized on October 20, 2009 at 1:30 am

“For guilt-free lovers who want to feel good in every way.” Cited as the perfect slogan for fair-trade latex condoms.

But this article begs the question: how fair are our critical purchases? While the reality of balance sheets of age-old organizations like the Red Cross seems to belie their altruistic image (couldn’t expenses be managed more efficiently?), it still seems that buying smarter is better than nothing.

It’s true that marketing pitches may be misleading with their overuse of the word and color green. It’s also true that throwing a lavish charity party may produce waste and that maybe a digital donation system would be less expensive.

However, this article points out that people are more willing to participate in socially conscious movements if it’s a win-win. People will choose a fairer product if they themselves get the benefit of their purchase.

Though the many avenues for abuse or hyperbole do make me uncomfortable, I’d rather be moving in the direction of social awareness than be stuck in a legacy of Reagonomics and naïve self-delusion.


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