“Seizing a Last Chance to Find Lost G.I.’s as WWII Memories Fade”

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 at 12:22 am

Apparently there is a “bring everyone home” policy in the military. I definitely think the live ones should be brought home. Better yet, I think the live ones should never be sent to most of the places they are sent.

However, I definitely object to spending buckets of money looking for old bones. Returning the femur of a WWII veteran to his children may be very moving and poetic, but it won’t bring him back and he’s better remembered as a man, not a lump of calcium.

But alas, we currently have soldiers digging around the Battle of the Bulge for vets who passed over 50 years ago. If there was nothing else for the military or government to focus on, I would say go for it, but there is actually quite a lot to do for the people still with us.

And while I couldn’t find the original article to hyperlink, there is a guy who doesn’t agree with me.


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