“Two Giants Vie for Billions in S.T.D. Vaccine Market”

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 at 1:45 am

This article disgusts me. Using teens as cash-cows by scaring them with threats of S.T.D.s and cancer is, to me, completely contrary to the ultimate purposes of advanced medicine. I fully support researchers, chemists and pharmacists who develop treatments in being well-paid. I am completely irritated by the pharmaceutical machine that pushes drugs for unbelievable profits when there is undoubtedly a non-profit model that would be equally as effective.

I obviously have my own personal experiences with certain members of the medical profession (fuck you, Dr. Igel) that were negative and affect my views. However, I’m not the first to point out the greed of this industry and the potential loopholes that are being taken advantage of.

“But industry analysts said that the drug companies faced a battle to expand the target audience in America for such vaccines because the drugs have limited effectiveness and unknown duration.”

“The [F.D.A.] panel also examined safety questions about whether Ceravix could increase a woman’s risk of miscarriage or of autoimmune diseases, rare problems which Glaxo said it would follow in post-marketing studies.” Post-marketing studies? Like, after you’ve already brought it to market and have been injecting people with it? Cool.

While I’m actually very glad there is a vaccine that should reduce the incidence of cervical cancer in women, I’m extremely unhappy with the system.


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