“A Stir Over a Faraway View of Black and White”

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 at 1:43 am

A South African native convinced Canadian officials that he should be granted asylum in North America because of discrimination and violence levied against him as a white man in his homeland. Now the two countries are involved in a bitter debate—not so much of the particulars of the situation but the protocol and context involved.

While South Africa is not crime-free, whites and blacks agree it is not nearly anything like the refugee Mr. Huntley claims. In fact, South Africans claim that Canada’s decision in the matter was not only improper, it was racist.

This seems true enough, but to me, the bigger story is in the bureaucracy. Is making up a good story a more surefire way of being granted citizenship these days than an old-fashioned, fake wedding? What kind of evidence is required to be a “refugee.”

Mr. Huntley claimed he was stabbed multiple times and was unable to find employment based on affirmative action. A cursory report of statistics in South Africa indicates, however, that five times more black people are unemployed than white, per the article.

I suppose this could, in some part, be the result of racism, but shouldn’t there be some form of protocol for entering a nation anyway? I mean, what are passports and visas good for anyway then? Coasters?


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