“A Pharmacological Education: A cautionary tale for today’s multitasking, recession-anxious college students”

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2009 at 12:28 am

“Adderall, I discovered during the courtship phase of what became our deeply tortured relationship, offers a kind of assistance to the brain that feels just right, at first for the age of multitasking…It also, for me at least, suppressed emotion, freeing me from the claims of other people (my children primary, because I work at home)…I reached a point with Adderall that reminded me of a warning the United States Marine Corps is said to give its enemies: You can run, but you’ll only die tired.” The writer also cites mouth sores and hemorrhoids as unintended consequences of this relationship. Cool.

This article is just kind of sad. I definitely understand the pressures of school and work because we’ve all been there. However, that’s life. In one of his comedic bits, Bill Mahr reflects that anxiety is the most natural phenomenon in the world, citing a squirrel as the perfect example of shivering, frenetic energy. I tend to agree with him. I can also identify with the advice “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Though finding it may not always be easy, there is a balance that can be achieved. Losing your hair and ruining your adrenal glands is just not worth the stress we put on ourselves in most cases.

It’s also particularly sad that these types of drugs can suppress emotion. I have a few friends who all reported the same. They didn’t have any particular lows they said, but the highs were all gone as well. It was just a plane of monotony that dragged endlessly into the future.

In a time where everyone is “going green” to save the planet, shouldn’t we do the same for our bodies?


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