Revolutionary Reading – Pick Books You Like

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2009 at 3:36 am

Mr. Dewey decided somehow that 636.6 described horses, dogs and cats. I decided at a young age that 636.6 would be my home at the local library. But even before this, books to me were something to be loved, not hated. As I grew up, I realized that this was not the case for most kids, especially as more and more books were forced down their throats.

Thus I felt primarily hope albeit certain other mixed emotions as I read the article “Students Get New Reading Assignment: Pick Books You Like.” Well, duh. It only took educators a few decades to realize that some incentive such as choice (like the big boys and girls get) would help the cause for literacy.

Though I can understand misgivings about student choices, fearing a slippery slope that would debase a program grounded in the classics, I think any program that increases participation and literacy results is worthwhile. I prefer the combination approach because I personally love the classics, but I’m glad that some kids are being given an opportunity to enjoy reading that they may never have gotten.


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